Real alligator shows up while boy plays with toy


"I saw the brown chair move. Oh my God. Never would I expect [an alligator] so close to us", Mojica told WFTV.

He was using the inflatable while playing on a slip and slide in their Florida backyard.

Want to have a turn Mr Gator?

"Now it's just sitting there looking", Mojica wrote, adding that she had spoken to someone from her homeowners association who informed her that it was too small to capture.

Alligator expert at Gatorland Donny Aldarelli said people needed to be aware of alligators at this time of year.

"We check the pond frequently and kids cannot go near water", Mojica said.

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"(We should) look both ways when we come out there and also check the water", Timmy said. But, she says she has learned a lesson about gators during mating season - they can be anywhere, including slinking around the yard. "Don't send your kids in the backyard without going outside first".

Mum Nicole Mojica, from Florida, shared the video she took of her son playing online.

As of Wednesday night, Mojica's video of the uninvited visitor had been viewed on Facebook almost 900 times. Mojica asked in her Facebook post.

"Can you spot the real gator?" "He sees us for sure!"

"It ran down my slip and slide". So perhaps the gator thought he was coming to hang with a friend?

Mojica and her family live in Lake Nona and said she posted the video on her Facebook page to show how alligators are an issue in the area.